Hiii, my name is Chya, pronounced CH-ii-YA. I am the founder and CEO of No Apologies, LLC: An empowerment organization that was created to uplift, support, and encourage individuals  to walk unapologetically in their truth. 

#NoApologies means something different to each person that I encounter, each of them coming from different backgrounds and having different life experiences. 

I’ve always known my life was far from ordinary but it was through the trials, followed by years of therapy, soul searching, and personal development that I was able to get down to the root of who I am and what I have to offer this world. 

Creation, Co-Inspiration, and Connection are the core tenants that uphold the #NoApologies mission. I hold these ideals close to my heart and build off of them daily, as I am blessed with new connections and inspiration every day. 

As I stand boldly in my divine feminine power today, I am able to look in my rearview mirror and understand that each “life pivot” was purposeful and necessary. With #NoApologies, it is my deepest desire that I am able to use this platform to inspire individuals to dive deep into their truths, to find out what it means for them to LIVE with #NoApologies. 

I look forward to seeing how our mission can support you on your journey!